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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tina Yuzuki - Sexy Beauty Japanese Idol Girl

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Tina Yuzuki Tina Yuzuki

The bilingual Tina Yuzuki (her father is Japanese and her mother is from Portugal) recently moved from Portugal back to Japan, and how we wish we could have been there to lay down the red carpet. Girls this drop-dead hot don't come around that often, and it is no wonder she has a picture album and a couple image videos available along with the stuff that we like to bring to you.

Tina Yuzuki Tina Yuzuki

Tina Yuzuki's debut, "Hot Wind", is a great intro to this new face. The scenes aren't particularly unique from other debuts, but you really get a full on look at 100% of this beauty. From her tight young skin and slender body to that amazing face, you can tell this beauty's collection will have a lot of must-see titles. Watchers who are interested movies with stories will like "Feel so good". Listening to Tina talk, even if you can't understand her, is a real treat. Maybe it's the more open Portuguese culture, but Tina is a real loud lover. This is very true in "Talk to Her", a flick with a variety of scenes and situations. Viva la Tina!

Tina Yuzuki Tina Yuzuki

Tina Yuzuki (柚木ティナ, Yuzuki Tina?) is a Japanese AV idol who debuted in 2005 and quickly rose to stardom. Known for her chirpy character and cute antics, she has in a short time become one of the most productive actresses in the Japanese adult video industry. She appears in videos produced under the Max-A label. After starring in AVs in various genres during her first year in the industry, in December 2006 she was called, "the most talked about actress this year," and the Japanese AV industry named her Best New Actress for 2006.

Tina Yuzuki's second video, Feel Refreshing (December, 2005) left the popular documentary style for a narrative fiction story in which she played a sexually-curious high school student.
Her third video had her playing the role of an office lady. In IMPRESSIVE / Make My Dream from March of 2006, Yuzuki worked in the popular cosplay genre. The costumes worn by Yuzuki in the video included that of a nurse, a maid, and a "Gothic Lolita." She donned the nurse and waitress costumes again in her entry in Max-A's popular Welcome to Max Cafe! series, released in April of 2006.

The following month, Max-A chose Tina Yuzuki to star in their May 2006 release, My Wife Is Tina!, the first video in the company's newlywed housewife series.Confined Body Doll X - ascription, released in June, had Yuzuki in a "psycho thriller" mystery involving missing girls. She would again star in a suspense-drama in the January 2007 release High School Girl Abducted, and in a crime-drama in the March 2007 release, High School Uniform and Machine-Gun. In July of 2006, Yuzuki made her first foray into the incest genre with Sister's Secret. Passion: Tina's Mystery Tour is an adventure involving a treasure hunt for a gigantic vibrator, a guide who demands fellatio, and tribe of sex-hungry natives. At the end of 2006, Max-A again picked Yuzuki to star in the first entry in a new series. Entitled Urekko, the video was released in December of 2006. Yuzuki stands out in the AV field, where an average career spans about a year, with five to ten videos total. In the year and a half since her AV debut, Yuzuki has appeared in one or two video releases per month. The Japanese AV industry recognized Yuzuki by naming her the Best New Actress at the 2006 AV Grand Prix awards. Still active in the AV field, Yuzuki's most recent appearance was in the July 2007 release, Tina and Her Friends.

Tina Yuzuki Profile :

Name: Tina Yuzuki
Date of Birth: October 29, 1986
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Zodiac: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Breasts: 84 cm (33 in)
Cup: C
Waist: 58 cm (23 in)
Hips: 83 cm (33 in)
Height: 154 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Hobby: Karaoke, bath
Special skill: Portuguese, human observation
Erogenous zone: Ear
Favorite food: Mango, sausage, chocolate parfait.


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