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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tiara Lestari Sexy Hot Nature Photo

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Tiara Lestari Sexy Hot Photo Collection, Indonesian Model

Tiara Lestari Profile :

Name: Tiara Lestari
Age: 25
Gender: female
Zodiac: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Profession: Model
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Interest: Wine, Reading, Travel, Cooking

One photo of Tiara Lestari, said to be of an artistic nature, rather than the more customary Playboy-type nudes that Tiara is famous for, was sold for about $200.00 recently at a charity auction for the victims of the Yogyakarta earthquake.

Tiara Lestari was originally from Indonesia. Formerly residing in Singapore, I am now firmly back in my own beloved country. Modeling has been my passion and profession. My journey as a model has taken me to the cover of Playboy Magazine in a far away land and right in the center of a national controversy. It plunged me into depth of humility without prejudice or guilt. It guides me to see through changes, places and faces. Through it all, I understand that life itself is full of surprises that neither reason, nor logic can comprehend. It certainly has been a journey filled with joy and turbulence. It is a journey from sensuality to elegance. Welcome to my life. Tiara Lestari first music video featured in Baron's album called "Baron and Kafilah".

Last year, I got to know Tiara Lestari when I got an email from my friend in Jakarta regarding her poses at FHM magazine in South America country. I was quite astounded as I realized she came from Indonesia and she became famous in other foreign countries. Last month, my friend Indi sent me hTiara Lestari sexy private photo pictures.er pictures again by email with many different poses. All her pictures were completely without any clothes and I was shocked and happy to know she was damn good hot to pose in the magazine. She was the playmate of the month for the magazine in Netherland.

All her pictures were taken in Bali by a professional photographer who used to taking shots for Playboy magazine. Today, I read my friend's blog and again I was surprised to know he actually met Tiara Lestari and had a coffee with her as well as took a picture with her personally. Wow! that was fun I guess. Considering my friend is actually a professor of marketing and claimed to be one of marketing strategist in the world, he mentioned in his blog that Tiara's movement in modelling as playmate model for adult magazine was a positive decision as a marketer. She knew how to distinguish herself than other models and it was an achievement. (Read complete story here) Do you agree on my friend's opinion?


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